Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Decisions - Left or Right?

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In life we make many decisions, and as such, split the possibilities of life over and over until our path forks out into what looks like a shattered pattern, each individual path breaking into choices over and over. It's splinter-theory at its basest. 

What choices will you make today? Will you turn left at the junction with the stop-lights instead of right? Will you have coffee or tea with your lunch? Where will you go after work?

Even little, almost inconsequential, decisions affect us - but don't worry. Your personal preference in drinks won't cause the end of the world... I think.

Perhaps a chance meeting with somebody may bring about a life change, or maybe your boss may transfer you to a different centre. Don't look down on things like this or let yourself be brought down by it. It could be the start of something new, and even better in your life.

Something I've learnt from the Tarot cards is that everything, even the "bad" cards or events can have a flip side. A good example is "The Fool" - When placed upright in a reading, it symbolizes New beginnings, Individuality, freedom, new experiences and a requirement for courage and strength of will. When placed in reverse however, it represents a recklessness or immaturity along with childishness and lack of motivation.

Throughout the readings I've done, people automatically assume that the meanings are in reverse or that their character is being brought into question - When all the card means is that there may be attributes to keep an eye out for or think more carefully upon - perhaps not even your own.

Each path in life is unique to the person walking it. You must be steadfast in your choices and live by the consequences they have. The choice will always be yours to make, but remember to take others into context when it may affect them - not everything is going to be about you.

The motivation behind this blog is to take a leap of faith. As Martin Luther King Jr. once said: 
"Faith is taking the first step, even when you don't see the whole staircase."

As such there is something to be considered. When faced with a split path, one route sure and steady as a tarmac road; the other rough-surfaced, twisty and hidden by trees - which will you take? 

Will you take the road that has been walked by generations, or will you take a chance and take the path least travelled to find an adventure?

Will you take the path least travelled by?